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  • Child with triangle

Professional Triangle Holder

  • Professional triangle holder with which, thanks to the 20 mm wide bar, even heavy triangles can be held comfortably and painlessly for long passages. In contrast to other triangle holders, which usually have to be held with the thumb and forefinger, this triangle holder rests solely on the index finger, so that all other fingers can be used for dampening or warming up. 
  • The plastic-coated claws guarantee a noiseless and non-slip placement on the music stand. Since the claws can also be rotated 360° and locked in any position, the triangle holder can be easily and precisely adjusted to the tilt angle of the music stand.

  • The ability to rotate the claws also makes it possible to choose a trap table or a horizontally aligned arm of a boom cymbal stand as a rest.

  • The stainless steel and aluminum construction guarantees robustness with a low weight (approx. 0.1 lbs).

  • Below the actual hanging cord there is a safety cord just in case.

  • Included items: triangle holder, spare cord, storage box
  • Subject to errors and technical changes. Similar pictures.

    We have been using Thomas Rönnefarth's triangle holder - now in its third generation - for over 15 years. We were and are completely satisfied with it.

    Solid craftsmanship, intelligent construction and simple, practical handling.

    No matter whether it is hung on a music stand, on a stand or held in the hand, Rönnefarth's triangle holder is great to work with. Can be recommended with a clear conscience! Unfortunately not machine washable!

    Thomas Döringer
    Percussionist German Opera Berlin
    Deutsche Oper Berlin