Castanet Machine

  • Professional castanets machine for use in orchestras. New, improved model. The castanets machine can be ordered with pre-installed castanets as well as for the assembly of existing castanets.
  • Almost all standard castanets from well-known manufacturers can be mounted on it thanks to adjustable fastening points.

  • The castanet machine is equipped with four felt pads on the underside and can therefore be played safely on a trap table. At the same time, the castanet machine is provided with a stable clamping device, which enables it to be mounted on stands with a tube diameter of up to 16 mm (KOLBERG, Pearl or similar).

  • The castanet machine also has a quickly and precisely adjustable clamping mechanism.

  • We offer the following castanets: Tela Negra No. 5, Tela Negra No. 6, Tela Negra No. 7 and Tela Negra No. 8. Other models on request.


Soft bag "Percussion Bags" with 2 cm foam padding and handle for castanet machine

Subject to errors and technical changes. Similar pictures.

Your castanet machine has passed the baptism of fire. Everyone is very happy.

Wolfgang Morbitzer
Principal percussion Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock
Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock