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Flesh Hoops

LITIK flesh hoops are especially interesting for concert percussionists, jazz drummers, and those who just want to tuck a natural head themselves.

  •  The groove running on the outside of the flesh hoop provides space for the bulge and thus also allows mounting of natural skins on drums equipped with triple flanged hoops. With the latter, one often faces the problem that, due to the bulge, the flesh hoop will no longer fit into the counter hoop. Mounting of natural skins in combination with triple flanged hoops is certainly possible, but requires a certain amount of advance planning and a bit of experience.

  • The flesh hoops are available in the standardized sizes 6 ", 8", 10 ", 12", 13 ", 14", 15 ", 16" and 18 " for toms or snare drums.

  • Reinforced flesh hoops in sizes 16 ", 18", 20 ", 22" and 24 "are available for bass drums/kick drums.

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With LITIK’s flesh hoops, it is just as easy to put on a natural skin as changing the tire on a bicycle. And my Slingerland drums finally sound the way they should.

Michael Griener
Jazz Drummer 
Michael Griener

The groove on the outer edge of these flesh hoops is super practical. The flesh hoops are also light and yet stable.
I have equipped several drums as well as my entire drum kit with these flesh hoops and will definitely be using them again.

Wieland Welzel
Principal Timpanist Berlin Philharmonic
Berliner Philharmoniker

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