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  • An American in Paris

Tuned Taxi Horns for George Gershwin 'An American in Paris'

  • Tuned taxi horns in A4, B4, C5, D5 or in A3, Ab4, Bb4, D5 (see detailed explanation below) for George Gershwin's 'An American in Paris'

  • Including rail made of anodised stainless steel with a bore of 8.5 mm for mounting on cymbal stands with threads up to M8 or on cymbal tops from KOLBERG. The bore can also be expanded upon request.

Recent findings in musicological research on George Gershwin's tone poem 'An American in Paris', published in 1928, suggest that at least three wrong notes for the taxi horns in this composition were heard over the decades. According to the findings, the four letters 'A, B, C, D' should be understood more as a guide for the percussionist rather than as absolute pitches.

The examination of visual material and a recording of this work made in 1929 in Gershwin's presence led Mark Clague to the conclusion that the pitches intended by Gershwin were ultimately A3, Ab4, Bb4 and D5.

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The publisher Schott Music, responsible for the hire material of this work, also agrees with this point of view and notates the pitches in its current edition (2017, editor: Mark Clague) as A3, Ab4, Bb4 and D5. At this point many thanks to Raphael Haeger for pointing this out.

Preview of the score by Schott Music

We offer both sets of taxi horns for sale and for hire.

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