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  • Superballs before processing

Superball Mallet

Contemporary music literature without use of a superball mallet is actually hard to imagine. The term 'mallet' is of course somewhat misleading, since this mallet is primarily used for rubbing and is therefore sometimes referred to as a 'friction mallet' or 'friction ball'. The rubbing takes place on tam-tams, keyboard instruments, thunder sheets, drums, or cymbals. Recently, however, more and more contemporary composers have been demanding this mallet as a harp accessory.

  • Superball mallet with two rubber hemispheres of different sizes

  • Diameter of the hemispheres approx. 43 and 48 mm, total length of the mallet approx. 330 mm

  • Since the heads are threaded, they can be easily replaced

  • The 4 mm thick threaded rod covered with shrink tubing is strong enough to cope with greater pressure


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