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  • Dresdner Trommel

Spare Parts for Dresdner Trommel

HANNABACH Snare Strings for Dresdner Trommel

The Hannabach snare strings were developed in close collaboration with Jörg Hannabach, percussionist with the Munich Philharmonic. The strings are primarily designed for use with the special Dresden strainers, but can also be used with the standard snare strainers.

REMO Drumheads for Dresdner Trommel

Custom made REMO Diplomat® Hazy Snare Side drumhead for Dresdner Trommel.

Diplomat® Hazy Snare Side drumheads feature open, bright tones with maximum sensitivity, sustain, articulation and projection. Constructed with 1-ply of 2-mil film, Diplomat® Hazy Snare Side drumheads provide clarity for accentuated snare drum response. 

Custom made REMO Diplomat® Renaissance®  batter head for Dresdner Trommel.

The Diplomat® Renaissance® features a warm, dark tone with a soft feel. Featuring 1-ply of 7.5-mil specially treated film, the Diplomat® Renaissance® has a textured surface which enhances mid and low-midrange frequencies. Ideal for sticks, mallets, and brushes for Concert Snare Drum. Diplomat® Renaissance® drumheads provide a well-balanced harmonic range with increased sensitivity. 

Flesh Hoops for Dresdner Trommel

Flesh hoops for Dresdner Trommel are available in conventional design or with a groove running on the outside of the flesh hoop.

Tuning Key for Dresdner Trommel

Large and robust tuning key for Dresdner Trommel with 7 mm square tension rods and exposed heads. Size approx. 90 x 80 mm. This tuning key is also perfect for Ludwig timpani. Special tuning keys for countersunk screw heads on request.

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