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Four-octave Ludwig Xylophone (private sale)

This four-octave Ludwig xylophone is for sale.

The instrument was completely overhauled and tuned to 442 Hz by the legendary Gilberto of Deagan in Chicago.

Despite its age, the instrument is in perfect condition. All bars are original, which is extremely rare for an instrument of this age. The bars are also without cracks or splinters.

The instrument can be set up or dismantled in less than five minutes.

The design, bars and the logo suggest that it is a model from the 1940s. This Ludwig xylophone looks very similar to a Leedy.

  • Range: c1-c5 (C4-C8)

  • Tuning: 442 Hz

  • Accessories: transport box

  • Location: Hamburg

  • Price: €3.900

If you are interested, please contact us and we will get you in touch with the seller.