Premier Elite Pedal Timpani (private sale)

This pair of Premier Elite pedal timpani is for sale. The timpani impress with their huge pitch range of almost an octave (head protrusion 1.5"), eight tension rods per instrument, and easy portability.

  • Series: Elite

  • Bowl: polished copper, parabolic shape

  • Bowl sizes: 28“ and 30“

  • Head sizes (REMO): 3100 and 3300

  • Heads: REMO Renaissance

  • Range: F-f# (28“) and E-d (30“)

  • Tuning mechanism: central stepless block style pedal

  • Fine tuner: yes (foot-operated)

  • Set-up: German (as the frame already provides threads for mounting the tuning gauges for international set-up, the drums can be easily converted to international set-up)

  • Location: Hanover/Germany

  • Price: €4.400

If you are interested, please contact us and we will get you in touch with the seller.